Upgrade to Knit Visualizer 2.1 from 1.x

IMPORTANT!!! This is the only place you can use your discount code to upgrade to the new version of Knit Visualizer.

With your discount code, the upgrade will cost you $100. If your discount code is expired please contact us with your registration information to get your discount code updated.

This page uses a non paypal shopping cart, but payment is still made through paypal. Downloads will be delivered immediately after payment, CDs will be mailed out as soon as possible; typically within 2 business days.

Now, Select your Operating System, Click Add to Cart, and then enter your coupon code on that screen. If it's valid, you will see the discount in your shopping cart. Any problems and you can email us at support@knitfoundry.com

For more details on Knit Visualizer, please visit our Software page. Also don't forget to


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Knit Visualizer 2.1 for Windows, Download**
 (also supports Vista)
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Knit Visualizer 2.1 for Mac, Download**
(OS X 10.4 or later required)
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** When you purchase our software to download, you will be sent an email with download instructions. The download is time sensitive so you should plan on downloading the software as soon as possible.