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Highlighter Tape

Highlighter Tape will keep your place in your pattern or chart without hiding any of it from view. Tape stays firmly in place until you are ready to move it, and won't ruin your book/pattern when you do take it off. (We recommend folding a bit under on one side to help when moving the tape). Tape is 1/2" wide. Easily dispenses any length. Get several different colors to mark different parts of the same pattern!

NEW Fluorescent Colors, and more tape per roll than before. You can still see through the tape, but brighter colors show up better. Original tape is still available, colors may be limited, so get them while they last.

New fluorescent Colors:

All the fluorescent colors come in the "Big Roll" size and are brighter - Orange is a real orange (before it looked red), yellow has an extra zing to it. Green is darker, the blue is stands out much more than before, Pink is hot hot hot! We have two shades of purple now - fluorescent, and Standard - the Standard purple is a lighter more subtle purple (pictured below in "Orig" colors), which we still like - so we added it into our Big Roll format.

Big Roll Highlighter Tape is 1/2 inch wide, and 720 inches of length per roll

Buy Big Roll Highlighter Tape
$3.60/ea **
*Color Preference:

Tape shown in Pink and Purple


The tape lets you easily see what's coming up in your pattern. Shown here with Original Orange color.


Original Colors: Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue

* We reserve the right to substitute another color if the one you prefer isn't in stock.

** Price increased to $3.60 Feb 5, 2009