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Needle Tamers: Point Protectors for DPNs

Keep the stitches on your DPNs when you're not knitting.

  • Soft vinyl ends protect your needle points while keeping stitches from falling off
  • No more needles poking through your knitting bag!
  • Elastic keeps ends firmly in place on your needles
  • Bright green color makes it easy to find in your bag (or on the floor when you've dropped it)
  • Unique shape makes taking ends on and off easier
  • Designed for 8" length DPNs - custom lengths (longer or shorter) available on request.

Fits DPNs from US size 0 to US size 5

Special! Buy 3 Needle Tamers for $10  

Order Double Point Needle Tamer

Needle Tamers shown here keeping a sock under control, and holding two other sets of DPNs together until they are ready to be used.