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Software: Knit Visualizer

Current Version: 2.1 (December 2008)
Platforms: Windows(XP, Vista, Win7) and Mac OS X (including Lion)

Cost: $185.00 US Dollars

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Knit Visualizer 2.1 for Windows, Download**
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Knit Visualizer 2.1 for Mac, Download**
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What Is Knit Visualizer?

Knit Visualizer was created to assist in building charts from knitting patterns almost automatically, it does that and so much more:

  • Color! Symbols, backgrounds, borders can all be different colors.
  • Create your own stitchses to supplement those in the provided stitch library
  • Lots of easy to use tools like the Stitch Replacer

Don't forget all the features that make Knit Visualizer great:

  • Extensive stitch library lets you easily pick stitches to paint in your chart
  • Easy to read symbols for over 40 common stitches and over 75 different cable stitches.
  • Type in a stitch pattern to see a chart created for you. Interprets circular and flat patterns easily.
  • Chart savvy copy/duplicate/insert commands let you copy and paste repeated rows or columns or entire sections easily
  • Apply borders to emphasize cables or indicate areas to repeat
  • Zoom in & out for different font sizes
  • Automatically generates a legend based on the stitches in the chart - including (optional) instructions for each stitch
  • Professional chart & legend can be printed or exported to an image file
  • Printing features:
    o See how your chart will span multiple pages before you print
    o Scale to print more on one page
    o 5 different layouts let you organize chart, legend and notes
    o Optionally include Title, Source/Author, Notes & Legend in your printout
  • Extra symbols included for fair isle patterns
  • 50 level Undo/Redo
  • Handles rows of different sizes using Empty Cells (great for sleeves & shawls)
  • Create new empty chart pre-filled with knit, purl or no stitches.
  • Save chart & preferences to file

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